Bubble ManagementAn enterprise application suite to manage large C-19 bubbles for games, events and more.

Venus Smart Card is a bunch of Apps that enables efficient management of large C-19 bubbles with real-time test results of individuals coupled with the risk score of the bubble.


Flexible and faster deployment with reliable support.

The application suite consists of a web based Admin module with three Progressive Web Applications(PWAs) for users, labs and validators. The solution can run over Intranet or Internet depending on your needs and infrastructure.


A complete suite of four Apps ready to assist you in mitigating C-19 risk.

With your branding and customisations.

Host the solution in your environment with your policies to ensure the privacy of the users with complete control over the deployment and the data.


For Administrators or Event hosts to create bubbles, places , labs and validators.

Lab User

Promptly enable your laboratory or testing personnel to set the current C-19 status of the Smart Card holder.

Smart Card

Empower your guests or invitees with QR code based identity for C-19 testing and result delivery.


Available as Add-On for check-points to validate the C-19 status of Smart Card holder.

Powered with PWAs.

Unlock the power of Progressive Web Apps(PWAs). Flexible Web applications which can also run as Apps on your smart phone.Progressive Web Apps

Key Features

  • Instant Test Result Alerts

    Deliver test results in real-time in the App and Inbox of the user

  • QR Code Based Identity

    QR code identity for users for faster and accurate C-19 testing and result delivery.

  • Bubble Risk Tracking

    Users can join bubbles with easy scan enabling real-time C-19 risk score of bubbles with every test result.



Integrations to make it better, smarter and effective

Ready for integration with smart watches and similar wearables. Building upon the basic core of APIs, we are extending the solution to support FHIR APIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The solution consists of one web based Admin interface combined with three Progressive Web Apps namely Smart Card, Lab module and the AddOn Validator module.
We are only Software vendors providing solution to our clients. Thus, data privacy policy of our client is relevant. We do not interfere with the deployment and data ownership.
Yes. We have a reliable bunch of geeks extending the product with APIs. Please drop us a line to know your integration needs better.
We have two pricing models to meet your budget and needs. Per user subscription and per test pricing.

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